One of the most effective measures to assure good dental and oral health are tooth cleanings. During cleaning, the teeth are examined, gums checked, and plaque and tartar build-up are removed around the base of each tooth.

Why are cleanings Important?

Gum disease often begins by a build up of plaque bacteria around the base of the teeth, particularly where the gum meets or surrounds the tooth. Of course, a great staregy to remove a lot of this build-up is twice daily brushing. However, there will always be hard to reach areas that are difficult to keep entirely clear of plaque. In these areas, plaque bacteria can accumulate and may eventually form a tough, crusty deposit known as "tartar." Tartar is impossible to remove just by brushing. If it is not professionally removed, more and more plaque can build up around the tooth and under the gum line, where it can lead to serious oral health problems, including gingivitis and other gum diseases.

There are many benefits to this relatively simple procedure, foremost being that it maintains teeth at their best to help prevent the development of gum disease. Regular tooth cleanings should be part of a good overall dental and oral health plan. They offer much in return for the investment!