An excellent, modern alternative to replacing missing teeth compared to a partial bridge is an implant. The techniques and methods for placing an implant have advanced considerably. This is also true of some amazing technology which makes implants a very viable solution. 

When a tooth is extracted, it obviously leaves a space in the bone as well as in the mouth. An implant is essentially a surrogate tooth, which replaces the missing tooth with an artificial tooth root; this is surgically placed into the jawbone. It then is used to hold a prosthetic tooth (or teeth), also called an abutment. Together, the two components function very similar to a natural tooth.

Implants do require sufficient jawbone for the root of the implant. We can discuss any issues that you may have if there is insufficient bone (in many cases, this too can be remedied). In addition, implants are available in titanium metal, ceramics and polymers for an array of precise options suited to your particular situation.

Implants can be a very good choice for many people, and we are always glad to describe the process and review everything with you.